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  • weewoman 12:43 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 21 

    One half of the couple we had over for dinner the previous Saturday had a birthday on the following Tuesday and we were able to visit the lovely lounge on the 51st floor again, for the second time this summer, which is a rare treat! It was a double date, just the four of us, and for a night that was going to turn chilly, I stayed away from another dress…

    From Style Per Diem

    The pants: Close fitting pin striped grey dress pants. I bought these from one of those stores that sell somewhat slut-tastic formal wear, since I had no knowledge of where to buy dress pants back in college. Needless to say I think they are a bit too flattering in various places to be completely work appropriate, but they are however, quite nice and I am very fond of them and so I wear them to nights out.

    The top: In keeping with my penchant for ruffles this summer, this chiffon/georgette button down blouse immediately caught my eye. I love the double layers of ruffles on the sleeves and on the french collar. I chose to leave a few butons open on the top to avoid the Duran Duran resurgance look. It came with the thin black belt and I layered with a thin white racer back tank with a low neck to allow for a nice sheer look closer to the neck and face.

    The shoes: The summer shoe sales are killing me. I could not resist these for an incredible $12! I ADORE the ruffled T strap, the sturdy block heel and the rounded toe. They aren’t too bad for comfort, are a nice change from spiked heels and go with almost anything!

    From Style Per Diem

    Accessories: I left in the usual silver and swapped out my balis for these gorgeous ear-rings I picked up when I went home this year, which I have recently learned are marcasite, courtesy inopiate. :) Aside from that, nothing worth mentioning.

    I carried a black pashmina for when it got cooler and the small chanel type quilted purse for the phone and wallet.

    I enjoyed how effortless this outfit was to put together and how easily everything gelled. Easy+gelling= crazy delicious.

    • Prashanti 4:42 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      hey , you look great!!! I have the exact shoes in silver !!!! Got them recently at the same piece at payless :)

    • inopinate 5:50 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      You know what is crazy delicious, is those shoes. I could eat them with a spoon.

    • froufrou 2:39 pm on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Love the little belt.

    • weewoman 12:28 pm on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks peoples! Payless rocks my socks!

  • weewoman 4:10 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 17 

    We had some very close friends over for dinner, and since I wasn’t cooking and simply watching and making yummy noises as the manly man made a pork roast, I was able to dress in this nice dinner-at-home to friday-night-jazz club outfit..

    From Style Per Diem

    The jeans: These are once again the new favourite birthday jeans which have become my default night out dressy jeans of late. As mentioned earlier, they are super flattering in all the right places and fall well in somewhat trouser like fashion. They are sans zipper, with buttons that go down from the waist to the lower end of the side slit pockets and it basically does up like a big tab in the front.

    The top: I could try and promise that this is the last of this silhouette that you will see on me, but I’d be lying. This sleeveless pin tuck top is almost a shorter version of previously posted tunics with a few subtle differences. It has a shirt collar that opens up to a low V and if you look carefully you can see the ruched fabric detaling on the sleeves. I layered it with a black tank to add some depth to it and kept the tie at the bust line fairly loose. I simply ADORE the bright orange colour and was told it looked good on my skin tone more than once.

    The shoes: I put on the out-of-character birthday T-strap sandals for height and stability as well as to tie something in with the top.

    Accessories: Aside from the ever present silver I swapped out my balis for these lovely turquoise shards that I picked up in Goa about 4 or 5 years ago. I liked the way the blue popped against the orange of the top. I left the neck empty to avoid over crowding.

    I liked how much this outfit made me feel like my mommy – understated and mature with some fun thrown in.

  • weewoman 3:07 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 12 

    I imagine if I were a reporter/theatrewalla in Bombay like my destiny had once intended, this is what I would wear..

    From Style Per Diem

    The jeans: Old forgotten straight cut, dark wash jeans, now naturally distressed, from Kathmandu – I dont know why, the shopping was good. The waist is super high and hence they are now suited only for kurta’s and longer tunics.

    The kurta: A lovely big floral printed straight cut kurta from good old Colaba Causeway. It is all too big for me and I breifly considered making drastic alterations, including cutting off the sleeves, but I chose to simply fold up the long sleeves and belt it to avoid losing the kurta/tunic to a dress.

    Accessories: I used a thin yellow belt with a lovely little bow detail, courtesy ET in last years birthday package. A black or brown belt got lost in the print and didn’t stand out or flatter as much as this one did. Aside from that, I left on all the usual silver and added a doubled up long silver chain with a green glass pendant.

    The chappals: Much loved lime green kohlapuris.

    This is the first time in a long time I haven’t worn a single Canadian bought item (ok, the pendant is from here!) in an outfit and I felt strangely more aware, proudly so, of my ethnicity. The numerous compliments and my boasting of the $3 price tag on the kurta only heightened said pride. :)

    • inopinate 4:54 pm on July 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Love the kurta. I know I am not supposed to wear large prints on my frame, but I am partial to gigantic florals.

    • weewoman 12:13 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t really go for large prints usually, they just over power me. But the colours and the flowers just floored me with this one. :)

  • inopinate 6:13 pm on July 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Inopinate – July 27 

    Winning free passes to a private performance of The Fray was a pleasant surprise to kick off this week. But that was not enough to get me out of bed and impeccably dressed at the inhuman hour of 6 am. I put together this easy outfit to keep the cranky down.

    From Style Per Diem

    Pants: My only pair of somewhat skinny jeans. Previously posted Guess jeans with slight whiskering at the hip. 

    Top: I picked up this black tank top with embroidered-on patchwork at the neck on sale from a boutique in Los Olivos. I love the detail and shimmer around the neck, and the overall simplicity of the top. Even though it is summer now, there was a slight nip in the air when I stepped out. In anticipation of that, I threw on my trademark black sweater from Old Navy. By the time we were standing in line at the event, the sun was blazing and I eventually took the sweater off. That is my idea of a perfectly planned outfit. 

    Accessories: Previously posted turquoise earrings, gold bangles, the chronograph and this lovely orange purse that a dear friend got me from India many years ago. It is just big enough to fit the essentials, but not so big that if I had to stand for the duration of the performance, I would pull a shoulder muscle. Small bags with straps are where it’s at. Also, turquoise and orange might clash with another outfit. The plainness of this one allowed me to go there without making a faux pas. 

    Shoes: The silver snakeskin ballet flats that I am so fond of. Every time I think they have run their course, they catch the light and I am reminded of how luscious the snakeskin is.

  • weewoman 1:20 pm on July 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 11 

    For some reason any Akshay Kumar movie hits this one theatre downtown. All other hindi movies do not and go to far off suburbs. Such being the case I decided we MUST go watch it, come hell or high water. So my one and only Indian friend from school, the manly man and I went out for a random night of Akshay-Kareena naach gaana, a UFC match on TV I tried not to watch, fondue and drinks. It was a somewhat warm evening and I wanted to be breezy…

    From Style Per Diem

    The pants: Previously posted white Old Navy summer cargoes that fold up and tab down. Still loving them.

    The top: A lovely cotton smock blouse that arrived in my birthday package last year from home. I love the delicate print on the yoke and waist band that ties on the side like a sash. Extremely breezy, extremely comfy.

    The slippers: Current favourite gold and copper kohlapuris.

    Accessories: I wanted to keep the gold accents going so I chose a previously posted gold chain with a large coral bead pendant and some dull gold bangles. I didn’t want to over-do it with the gold though so I went with these ear-rings in keeping with the floral motif on the blouse.

    I carried a rose pink pashmina with me for when it got cooler and a black satchel bag. The ease and comfort of this outfit needs to be mentioned again – especially since it allowed me to go from a movie to casual evening at a friends house to entertaining kids to making fondue (carefully) all without breaking a sweat. Lesson: Komfort is King.

    • inopinate 9:35 pm on July 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Liar, you do wear beige on top! And wear it well, I might add.

    • weewoman 11:10 pm on July 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      HAHA! Well, as long as it has something to set it apart from my skin! Thanks. :)

  • nidhi 12:59 am on July 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    unworn / july 24 

    I wore this to an on-site freelance gig. I always get cold in offices but it is super hot outside right now. I changed the t shirt later.


    t-shirt: poketo t shirt with an illustration by linotte depicting 2 girls surrounded by shoes. I thought you all would understand. Once in a while they have a warehouse sale at their LA office where I stocked up on tees. The night time t shirt is this one from uniqlo with a zebra illustration and silver stripes.

    blazer: gray blazer from uniqlo that I got for $9.99 down from the original $79.99! I love when that happens. I am totally buying into the boyfriend blazer look.

    jeans: diesel matic jeans bought at gilt.com. If anyone needs an invite to gilt, let me know.

    accessories: since I bought the jeans online, I was a little off on the size which I don’t mind too much. I had to wear a belt just to feel a little snug though. Old distressed looking belt with a rough silver paint.

    shoes: same wedges/heels as before.

    • Educated Tatya 6:15 am on July 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I’d forgotten how much I love the jeans-blazer look. Time to dig out my dad’s brown corduroy one

    • inopinate 7:00 am on July 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Love the zebra T-shirt. The jeans don’t look like the wrong size at all. Jeans with formal jacket is my favorite cure to the tired workwear syndrome.

  • Educated Tatya 2:02 pm on July 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Two days of vest 


    So I’ve had this Hungarian/Gujju vest in my closet for about 12 years and always avoid wearing it because I don’t want to spoil it. I love the colours, of course, and the fact that it’s short and slightly stiff. I wear it over my amethyst maxi in the summer, but decided to try it out with pants twice in two weeks.

    Sometime last week:

    Rainy day that required something that would dry fast but keep me warm and not become transparent when wet.

    Jeans: Free ink blue skinny jeans by Victoria Beckham. These are the only ones that tuck into my gumboots conviniently and I’m trying to wear them out so that I can cast them away sans guilt.

    Top: Grass green basic from Fox bought on sale for it’s colour. Don’t like it so much now and wish I had a blue corduroy pinafore to wear over it.

    Vest (Or a bundi): From my mother’s youth. She wore it in the ’80s over straight silk kurtas.

    Accessories: A G-Shock watch and cheery gumboots with red birdie.

    This week


    Still raining.

    Top: Ink blue deep neck top with loose, balloon sleeves that stop just above the elbow from Cotton World.

    Pants: Charcoal wool blend slacks from Hang Ten bought in 2002. These fall great but have no pockets or a waistband, so don’t find much favour.

    Accessories: A men’s formal watch from Titan (shown in top picture) and medium-sized thin silver hoops in the ear. I wore the gumboots to work and then changed into my bondage chaps. In hindsight, I should have worn a large silver ring and some kajal.

  • inopinate 12:31 am on July 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Inopinate – July 21 

    For a quick run to Home Depot, I whipped up this outfit.

    From Style Per Diem

    Pants: Guess Jeans, medium wash, slight flare at the bottom. I want to retire them, but not until I find a pair to replace them. So, they are my no-fuss jeans for now. 

    Top: I layered a brown V-neck T-shirt with a printed racerback top. The brown T-shirt is another $3 Papaya basic, perfect for layering. Not much standalone appeal. The printed top is a soft cotton blend from Forever 21. By itself, this top is semi-transparent. Together, they make a nice breezy combination. I like the pin tucks on the neckline of the printed top because they accentuate the bust without the knocked-up look. 

    Shoes: I found these adorable Nike skimmers at DSW last month. They are printed canvas with a small elastic band for give. They are exactly the kind of shoe I wish I had every time I am about to board a plane. Slip-on sneakers sans socks – genius. 

    Accessories: The previously posted criss-cross leather strap watch and a pair of turquoise earrings from Bangkok.

  • weewoman 10:52 pm on July 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 5 

    A friend that could not make it for my birthday wanted to take me out to dinner. For a lovely casual patio meal, I dug up this outfit…

    From Style Per Diem

    The skirt: A beige printed chiffon/georgette Mango skirt from as far back as 2002, when winning a Rs.15,000 gift certificate meant I bought my prom outfit that year from the otherwise unaffordable store. I did in fact wear this skirt to the prom with a different, flouncier top. It has a V yoked waist band in a different print, uneven hem with a scrunched fabric trim, and while the detail is lost in the photo, the bottom 6 inches are a separate piece, attached to maximise the mermaid flair. I pose thusly because it reminds me much of a salsa skirt and there was a time I wore it to salsa clubs.

    The top: Previosuly posted light white jersey top with a cowl neck and wide band at the waist.

    The shoes: Much loved dark red wedges to tie in the brown details on the skirt.

    Accessories: A lovely mother of pearl multi-strand bunch that once again, my slightly less adventurous sister let me have after I raided her closet as she packed up to go to sasuraal! Besides that, nothing worth mentioning.

    The skirt length bothers me now and I find it a bit long on my frame but the fall of the fabric flatters the hips. It felt exceedingly feminine and decidely flouncy.

    • inopinate 4:40 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Love the skirt, love the necklace, love the shoes. Love it all. I don’t do beige because it washes me out, but you make it look great!

    • Educated Tatya 9:22 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      That necklace is from Delhi. I got it for 100 bucks and have the uncoloured one, which I am still to wear.

    • Ella Renee 10:23 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      You look great in this outfit.
      I love the shoes!! They are so cute.

    • weewoman 7:29 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, many thanks!
      I try to stay away from beige/cream tops because I look topless! Bottoms I can manage. :)

    • weewoman 4:44 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Its a super awesome neck piece and I adore it. Pounced on it as behna cleared out. When you’re going back so far away, its hard to say no. :D

    • Educated Tatya 6:31 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so jolly and carefree

  • weewoman 10:14 pm on July 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dilshad Burman – July 4 

    We had friends over for dinner and to indulge a vegetarian, I cooked up some yummy Indian delights. To avoid being camp I chose not to wear a salwar kameez, but its obvious from my last few posts that I have been partial to a similar silhouette recently…

    From Style Per Diem

    The tunic: A bright cherry red shirt-dress type tunic with wide pin tucks on the yoke, a low neck that rises up into a  half Chinese collar and a tie at the back just below the bust line. This tunic is so similar to the recently posted white one, I almost didn’t pick it up; the saturated primary red and a store credit did me in. It distinguishes itself however, with the sleeves that can either be scrunched and tabbed down or left loose to a quarter length with a neat cuff. It is also shorter and the U hem is higher. So there. I paired it with greyish tights for lounging.

    The chappals: Since we stayed in all night, I didn’t really wear shoes, however, if I was going to, I’d wear these gold and copper kohlapuri’s which I am LOVING right now.

    Accessories: The reason I’d wear those kohlapuri’s is because I accessorised with only these previously posted, much loved ear-rings which ET likes to call chamak challo.

    For a relaxed evening of much cooking, much eating and much laughing this outfit allowed me to make seamless transitions between kitchen duties and hostess duties. Until the boy mentioned, AFTER everyone left, that he spied my chaddis once, I was blissfully comfortable.

    • inopinate 4:38 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Oh those kolhapuris are to die for!

    • Educated Tatya 9:24 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply


    • Ella Renee 10:22 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I love the shirt-dress. I love it.
      Where did you get it? I have a similar one in green but after the dryer it changed shape, so I was wondering if I iron it can bring the shape back…
      Red looks so great on you!!!

    • weewoman 6:05 am on July 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Ell – I got it at Urban Planet. I only ever go there for cheap work shirts, but found this!
      Also, if its cotton, I never put it in the dryer. They ALWAYS shrink. Also, sometimes different lots or bales of cloth are used for different parts of the shirt and they shrink differently, so that’s probably why it changed shape. Try steam ironing it or sprinkling a bit of water on it and then ironing it. It might work.

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