A new favourite T-shirt

I’ve been looking for the perfect nautical top from the beginning of the year and didn’t find anything in the classic navy blue or silhouette. At the Zara sale last month, I found one that came close and have been wearing it at least twice a week since then.
Now that I look at them, the ensembles are just length and colour variations on the basic idea.


Tee: Rs 550, from Zara
Pants: Anokhi rider pants for Rs 990. I love Anokhi’s prints and was really surprised that their pants are good too. They are made of thick cotton with lycra and fit like tights, but will outlast that trend.
Shoes: Rain boots from the A Broad.

Jacket: Finding this jacket on FS was one of the things that pushed me to start SaM and it was also one of the first things to be featured there.

Accessories: The woodcut pendant which I wear almost every day. The red pops up against my mostly neutral wardrobe. A Seiko watch and two bobby pins to tide over ugly growing-out phase of my pixie cut.

I am not very happy with how this jacket looks. Maybe I should retire it for a while.

Lunch with parents


Pants: Safari shorts from Baga in Goa. Think I bought these on my honeymoon for Rs 150. What I do remember is that the store next to where I bought these served fresh doughnuts.

Blazer: You remember my dad’s blazer? Bought for BD 10 in 1979.

Shoes: Hand-woven kolhapuri huaraches. These are my wardrobe essentials. People never notice them but I always feel a bit more smug when I wear them. Plus, I can feel the ground through the thin sole.

Accessories: My father’s sling bag, the woodcut pendant, Casio men’s watch and silver hoops.

I wore this to lunch with my parents to celebrate my father’s birthday and our new car. While my paunch shows no signs of abating, I have pretty fantastic calves to divert attention with. And since I am married, my parents can frown, but not lecture. Watching them try to keep a tirade in is just a happy side-effect.


This is how T-shirts should fit.

New things on Nauroze


My husband’s mother is Parsi and I’ll celebrate any festival that requires new clothes. This is a classed-up version of the first outfit.

Pants: The Anokhi rider pants in beige. I wear a lot of pants since my day involves riding pillion with photographer, getting into trains, jumping over dividers, etc. When I find a pair that allows movement, I snap up two — one in each colour.

Jacket: A beautiful men’s three-button blazer in linen for Rs 3,450. Women’s jackets rarely encase my trunk or cover its length so I shop for in the Men’s section. I wanted a linen one I could wear to work in the day, but couldn’t justify the price until I reminded myself that it was in my husband’s (hard-to-get) size, so technically, I was paying only Rs 1,725. I’m still waiting for the money.

Accessories: Silver hoops, Casio Men’s watch, this very journo/literature student satchel for Rs 4,500.


Shoes: Mary Janes from Tel Aviv. I think about NIS 200

I just realised that the combined cost of this outfit is more than what I spent on my wedding dress. I’m moving towards collecting classic pieces to wear with my SaM maal, and like to know that each element of this outfit will last a while with care. Is this what they call investment pieces?
Also, has my style got a little androgynous after that haircut? I thought so too.