I was in a really maverick mood today and wanted to dress silly.


Top: Floral Topshop spaghetti top from FS for Rs 200. I cannot tell you how much I adore old lady floral prints. You should have seen my teenage wardrobe. It was constructed out of English upholstery.

Pants: Faithful Sykes from Levis. Regular fit, nothing fancy. I can roll them up to “boyfriend jeans” or just wear them as decent pants that let me ride pillon.

Jacket: Vintage Men’s blazer from Etsy. This completes my set of blazers. Ironically, it’s cheaper to buy a blazer in The Abroad, with shipping, than to buy a decent one in India.

Shoes: Black Mary Janes from Tel Aviv 2008.


Accessories: A rose pink/fawn silk scarf from Causeway for Rs 75. My hair cannot be held down by bobby pins anymore, so I have to find new ways of helping it grow out. A brass dog pin for whimsy. Instead of a belt, I used the adjustable belt of a bag, interlocking the brass clasps. Because I could.


Square G-Shock watch, green stone earrings and insouciance.