Top: My new basic white tee with looser sleeves and a waistband. For 150 bucks from Causeway. I wasn’t sure how this silhouette would look on me and now I regret not buying every available colour. Woe!

Waistcoat: Burnt sequin spangled Zara waistcoat for Rs 200 from Causeway. I went back the next day to buy some for the SaM shop, and poof! they were all gone.

Pants: Another pair of funny pants. I bought these in summer and they have been a dream come true (if you dream of pants) — linen, pockets, elastic waistband, loose, allowing freedom of movement. They are like culottes but with a lower crotch. Cost: Rs 350. They even work in the monsoons as they stop above the ankle and dry fast.

Shoes: Red jelly flats from Bata, two years ago. Rs 200.

Accessories: Bowler. Yes, I love hats. I do, on some days, even brave ridicule on account of them. I do not wear them indoors, though. The bowler was missing from my collection.

Apart from the hat, men’s Casio watch and possibly some dangling earrings. Who can remember when you have such a fabulous hat?