Hey girls, sorry for disappearing for a while.

I’ve been stuck on a shift that starts 5AM every morning, and no one knows when it will end… so not to mention taking a photo of what to wear, but don’t even have time to change it out from my pjs.

So let me fill everyone up with some photos I’ve taken throughout the summer/winter/fall…and so on so on…

btw…hope everyone is doing great here!

  • This is an very comfortable outfit to the beach. I have a pair of blue shorts that I bought from ‘CLUB MONACO’ 2 years ago, and surprisingly they still fit me! For the top I have a no sleeves shirt from ‘FOREVER 21′ for $8.99 and it is so soft and thin, it’s perfect for the hot hot weather.

  • What I have here are the perfect casual wear to work. Inspired by some Korean TV drama I’ve been addicted to recently, most of the Korean girl dress like this, and I find the layers are very interesting and also it doesn’t look back at all. I used to think that long layer inside short layer can be a little bit odd but after trying on this look, I loved it.