I have been called Twiggy far too often than I care to remember, and it’s not always a compliment. However, ever since I got my pixie hair cut I’ve begun to LOVE that style and the sudden availability of pinafores in the stores is helping me along nicely.

From Style Per Diem

The pinafore: By now it’s almost predictable with me – this is a dark navy H&M pinafore with curved exposed pockets and an exposed zipper in the back. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE pinafores/tunics like this.

The shirt: Classic white collared shirt, also H&M. It actually has breast pockets and corset seams.

I paired this with black tights and grey wool socks, the ribs peeking out just above the edge of the boots.

The boots: My irreplaceable Hush Puppies. This is their last season. *tear*

Accessories: I put on a long chain with several charmsĀ  and these awesome dragon ear-rings. They’re tiny enough not to be goofy, but goofy enough to make me happy.

I later wore this outfit with tan tights, matching tan ribbed socks and my ruffled t-straps. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture. Yes I’m still wearing socks with high heels. I still think if they’re done right, they work.

Luckily, I have a pattern for a pinafore like this and I plan on making several variations this summer. :)